Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I was doing some research for a prospective client's website this morning and stumbled upon a "Live Chat" software provider, aptly named livechatnow!

After reading through the terms and condition and figuring out how to download and use the software, one question remained unanswered. What happens when your live operator needs to take a potty break?

The thought then came to me. Surely this company eats its own dog food? So I looked around the web page and found a very understated button, apologetically tucked away in a corner, almost begging to be ignored.

I clicked the button and was immediately presented with this pop-up window:

To my dismay, no operators were available to answer my question, which had now been fully answered anyway! It just made me wonder about livechatnow! and its capability to support its customer after the credit card has been swiped ....