Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Hey - Four Eyes!

This four-eyed guy appears in an aptly entitled book by Hartmann Schedel (1440-1514), a native of Nuremberg.

The book is called the Nuremberg Chronicle and is probably the most sophisticated printed book published before the year 1500 because of its use of different graphic layouts that integrate text and image in more varied ways than anything that had previously been attempted. You can check it out here.

Some marketing dude at Acer must believe that there are a bunch more four-eyed consumers out there, since today they unveiled the Iconia at a press conference in New York. It features two - yes two! - 14" touch-screens protected by ultra-tough "Gorilla Glass". The device can be used like a traditional laptop, with the second screen doubling as a virtual keyboard, or it can double as a tablet-style computer.

It runs the Windows 7 operating system and goes on sale in the UK on Jan 8 for £1,499 - about $2,350. With a minimum of 4GB of memory and up to 750GB hard drive space it's one mighty tablet PC! The device features palm sensors to detect the position of the user’s hands, and automatically launch a virtual keyboard when needed.

The success of the iPad (and even Samsung's Galaxy) has prompted scores of consumer electronics manufacturers to launch their own rival devices. This one takes it to the next level!

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